3 Reasons to LOVE electric cars

Electric cars are still fairly new on the market, many countries haven’t seen them commercially available as yet. For us, they’re a way of life. There are so many benefits to driving and supporting the electric revolution. Anyone who makes the transition from a fuel-powered car to an electric one will find it to be something they need to adapt to. For one thing, electric cars are super quiet! Once you try to go back to the fuel-powered versions, they feel outdated and somewhat rudimentary. Why do we, at Revel Drive, love electric cars? We could write the longest list – but here are our top 3 reasons;

  1. They’re environmentally-friendly

A Revel Drive, we’re aware of the earth and the need to practice business ethically. We want a beautiful green and thriving planet for future generations. Does this mean we have to second guess the level of luxury our clients enjoy? Never. Electric cars are far from perfect at this point and we understand that. They still rely on electricity. However, the burden this places on the earth’s resources is far lowered than using fuel, which also emits gases and contributes to pollution. We utilise Tesla’s superb technology for comfort, reliability, and because we believe this is the best way to transport people without impacting the environment. 

  1. They’re super luxurious

There’s no question about it – electric cars are smoother, quieter, and far more comfortable than the slightly clunky fuel-powered vehicles. Thanks to Tesla’s excellent planning, our fleet of electric vehicles come with every luxury imaginable – a refrigerator stocked with mineral water, wifi, climate control and the use of electronics and music software (Spotify). The challenge with these electric cars is ending the commute – it’s simply THAT luxurious and comfortable. 

  1. Save the local economy

Did you know that fossil fuels place a strain on the country’s economy? Foreign trade debt is exacerbated by a country’s reliance on fossil fuels because they have to be purchased from other countries, at great cost. The difficulty is that price rises can’t be avoided when there’s a genuine need – you simply have to pay the asking price. For this reason, commuters often battle to adapt to fluctuations in fuel prices while the cost of living increases. The answer? Cut reliance on fossil fuels. 

The future is now: You’re ahead of the trends

Electric cars are only just starting their long and prosperous journey with mankind. They’re trickling in but soon most people will be driving electric cars and fuel-powered cars will be viewed as outdated. Even the trendiest new releases will be considered out of date if they require fossil fuels to run. Not to mention, society is moving towards alienating those who ave the power to reduce the carbon footprint but fail to do so. Having an electric car sets you slightly ahead of your time. 

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