Experience Luxury on Wheels: TESLA Joy Rides, Tours and Dinner Transfers

We proudly present a suite of exclusive Tesla experiences that go beyond transportation, offering thrill-seekers, food connoisseurs, and explorers the chance to redefine their journeys. From exhilarating joy rides to seamless restaurants transfers and captivating tours, Revel drive is your gateway to extraordinary adventures.

Exclusive Packages
 Experience: Electric excitement with Tesla

Discover the sheer joy of riding in a Tesla, where silence is a canvas of heart-pounding excitement. Our fleet of state-of-the-art electric vehicles isn’t just about transportation; it’s an immersion into the future of driving


Glide through city streets and scenic routes in the lap of elegance. The Tesla’s sleek design and luxurious interior ensure a comfortable ride that captures attention at every turn.


Tailor your joy ride experience to your preferences. Whether you’re seeking urban thrills or scenic serenity, we’ve got the perfect route for you.


From special occasions to spontaneous adventures, Tesla Joy Rides crafts memories that last a lifetime.

Luxury Tours: Explore the Extraordinary!

Take in the highlights of Sydney by day or night in one of Revel Drive’s Model Y or Model X Tesla vehicles. Imagine looking up through our panoramic sunroof as you cross the Harbour Bridge. Relax in the comfort of our luxury vehicles and select your favourite music to compliment your tour of Sydney.

Your personal Tesla chauffeur can tailor your Sydney experience. Arrange to stop for lunch or dinner at any of Sydney’s premium restaurants, anywhere from the iconic Bondi Beach or the scenic Blue Mountains.

As a locally owned business, we are able to provide a personalised tour of iconic landmarks and best-kept-secret locations. Talk to us about a tailored experience which focuses on your personal interests.

Your transport includes:

  • Complimentary chilled bottled water
  • Wifi and device charging points
  • iPads
  • Free Spotify


Luxury Redefined: Our Tesla Tours are not just journeys; they are experiences. Step into a Tesla and set the stage for an opulent adventure that leaves an indelible impression.

Punctuality and Precision: Just as Tesla is known for precision engineering, our service is designed for timeliness and reliability. We ensure you reach your destination on schedule, every time.

Sustainable Travel: Revel drive is committed to sustainable travel. Our Tesla vehicles are eco-conscious, allowing you to enjoy luxury with a reduced carbon footprint.

Memorable Impressions: Tesla vehicles make a statement of luxury and sophistication. By choosing Reveldrive Car Hire, you’re choosing to create lasting memories and impressions.

Sydney City Tour


Discover the picturesque beauty of Sydney and its surroundings as you cruise along breathtaking landscapes.

Our chauffeured Tesla tours ensure you explore hidden gems and capture moments that last a lifetime.


Tailor your Tesla tour to your preferences.

Whether you’re interest in coastal drives, mountain escapers, or city exploration, we curate your experience to perfection.


Immerse yourself in awe-inspiring scenery and pause for photographs to cherish the memories forever.

Our Tesla tours are designed to be a photographer’s dream.


We’re thrilled to introduce an exclusive collaboration that blends luxury transportation with culinary excellence with two of Sydney’s finest dining establishments: Jonah’s Restaurant in Whale Beach and Bert’s Bar & Brasserie in Newport. Prepare for a dining experience like no other, where the journey is as extraordinary as the destination.

Exclusive Collaboration
Jonah’s Restaurant
Bert’s Bar and Brasserie


Tesla Dining Experiences: Experience the allure of a Tesla as you’re chauffeured to Jonah’s Restaurant or Bert’s Bar and Brasserie in style and comfort.

Gourmet Delights: Savor gourmet dining experiences that redefine culinary excellence. Choose from Jonah’s and Bert’s specially crafted packages to enjoy the finest in gastronomic pleasures.

Scenic Drives: Enhance your evening with a scenic drive along Sydney’s picturesque coastline. Our Tesla vehicles offer the perfect prelude to a remarkable dining experience.

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