4 Key attributes to look for in a chauffeur service

Planning a wedding? Preparing for prom? Need a reliable means of transport daily? There are many reasons to hire a professional chauffeuring service. Identifying the company that will deliver the service you’re looking for might be challenging if you’re not familiar with the industry standards. Fortunately for you, we’re sharing the inside scoop to help you identify excellent service providers and pay for the ride that doesn’t simply get you there but does it with style and ensures you’re comfortable all the way.

  1. Assess the fleet

What kind of look do you want to portray when you arrive at your destination? Do you want to turn heads? Do you want a less-is-more ride that’s focused on comfort? Are you environmentally-aware and wish to convey this? When you assess the fleet look at the vehicles that best resonate with the look you’re going for. Make sure the vehicles are in superb condition too. What kind of extras can you expect? Don’t settle for anything without airconditioning. Prestigious providers will offer beverages like mineral water, wifi, and the use of electronics like tablets. 

  1. Operational hours

Some chauffeuring service providers will find it difficult to give their full day for an event like a wedding. They may have conflicting jobs pulling them away and resulting in you being driverless for periods of time. You also want to ensure your driver is able to accommodate your needs if they are outside of the usual operational hours. This is where your reliability comes in. Reliability is key when you need to ensure you are able to commute safely and reach your destinations on time (and unfrazzled). 

  1. Safety

Roads are not the safest places. There are so many risk factors at play at the same time. Other reckless drivers, poor conditions on the road, mechanical failures, sudden changes on the road and crime. While most of these elements are largely outside of your control, a car that is well-maintained will greatly reduce the risks of an accident. Choose a chauffeuring service that uses vehicles with excellent independent safety reviews. One example of a car with excellent safety ratings is the Tesla Model S: “Of all vehicles tested, including every major make and model approved for sale in the United States, the Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants”.

  1. Consider the environmental impact

Pollution has become a major issue, resulting in more ill health and chronic breathing problems than ever before in history. A chauffeuring service that makes use of vehicles that are low in emissions, or emit no pollutants whatsoever at all, is a company that cares. It is up to consumers to support businesses that are working to improve the health of the world and stop the devastating effects of pollution. 

At Revel Drive, we believe every commute should be smooth, quiet, and comfortable. We also believe sheer luxury shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. Tha’s why our fleet of vehicles is comprised entirely of superb-quality Tesla vehicles. Alongside our ethical business practices, our clients love our reliability and our excellent customer service.

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