Electric cars versus petrol cars – the pros and cons


What’s better, the newer electric cars – or good old fashioned fuel cars? If you’re a consumer on a budget, an electric car sounds promising, even if you make use of chauffeur services. Imagine not having to refuel your car! Petrol and diesel are expensive, especially for those who have a significant daily commute to factor into their monthly budgets. As inviting as an electric vehicle sounds, would it be a worthwhile purchase? As humans, we naturally tend to view any new technology with a degree of scepticism. It is true, everything in the world has good traits and negative traits. Do the pros of an electric vehicle outweigh the cons? Here are the facts – you can decide. 

The pros of driving an electric car;

  • An electric car is super fast and super stealthy

A ride in an electric vehicle feels futuristic. It’s in permanent stealth mode, being super quiet. It is always incredibly smooth – once you have adjusted to the sensation of gliding over the road, a petrol car feels clumsy, bumpy, and archaic. By cutting out that combustion engine, the power is delivered much faster. Love torque? Electric cars have it in spades. Buckle up and hold tight! 

  • Re-fuel at home, at your convenience

No more queuing at the fuel station, just make sure you’re home before you run out of charge. Not that this consideration is different in petrol vehicles, you still need to plot your route according to the fuel you have to prevent stalling at the side of the road. The recharge procedure at home is easy – simply connect your car to the charging ports and continue with your evening. The next morning, you’re fueled up for another 321km. 

  • An electric car fits a monthly budget better

Sure, you’re still paying for electricity usage, but it works out far more cost-effective than refuelling at a fuel station. Plus, electricity prices tend to be less volatile. There are plans to start looking at solar recharging, in which case this cost will once again reduce dramatically. 

  • It’s more eco-efficient 

You’re dodging the carbon emissions tax, and you’re doing your bit for the environment. You’re also supporting an industry that wants to move away from outdated power sources and find newer and better answers. Your purchase puts money towards that. 

The pros of petrol cars


  • You might get ‘range anxiety’ with electrics

Running out of juice isn’t a matter of phoning your friend to bring a jerry can of petrol to refuel your car. You will have to get the vehicle to its charging port. You’ll need to be towed and you’ll need several hours to refuel once you’re connected. 

  • Refuelling is fast 

Petrol cars aren’t only easier to refuel at any petrol station, they’re also faster to refuel. It takes a few minutes at most and you’re good to go, whether you’re driving to a friend’s house down the road, or trekking across the continent (with refuel breaks along the way). Electric cars make long-distance driving incredibly challenging if you don’t plan well ahead of time. 

  • The initial purchase is affordable

Fuel-powered vehicles are more affordable. Sure, an electric vehicle is cost-effective if you don’t need to refuel but the initial expenditure is significantly higher. If you’re buying in cash, a petrol or diesel vehicle is a far more affordable purchase. 

What about car rentals and chauffeured trips?

Hiring a Tesla or any electric car shouldn’t impact the rates you pay when you hire a chauffeur. Rather, the model of the car you select, the time frame you require a driver and the expected distances will play a bigger part in the costings. In fact, an electric car can give you a more comfortable journey in style. Some of Australia’s most reputable chauffeuring services will offer both options. If you feel strongly about eco-friendly travel, make sure you request this upfront. 

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