Four Productivity Secrets of Top Achievers

Isn’t it funny how despite having access to technology that’s supposed to help you accomplish more in a day, you’re finding it harder and harder to actually get things done?

Is it because you’re expected to juggle so many things at once that it’s becoming more and more challenging to finish anything? Or because of the never-ending distractions caused by today’s always-connected world?

There still seem to be successful people who manage to squeeze so much into their days, getting their work done and still taking online courses, participating in podcasts and volunteering in their local community. They get the same number of hours as the rest of us, but they are somehow able to operate at a much higher level.

Here are four things top achievers do to be more productive.

1. They say no—a lot!

Here’s the thing: no matter how productive you become, if you keep adding unimportant tasks to your to-do list, you’ll never get anything worthwhile done.

This is why the most successful people in the world focus on eliminating as many pointless tasks as possible from their agenda. They know that to create real impact, they can’t afford to waste time on things that don’t align with their goals.

Take a look at your to-do list right now and start removing things that are not absolutely necessary. If they still need to be done, see who you can outsource to.

A Virtual Assistant is one cost friendly option for work tasks, while a cost-effective cleaner or housekeeper found on Airtasker or a similar odd job platform can free you up to complete more important things.

You’ll be surprised at how much more time you actually have when you eliminate repetitive or low-skilled tasks from your daily list.

2. They know how to prioritise

Once you’ve streamlined your schedule, it’s time to start prioritising. And a great way to do that is through the use of the Eisenhower Matrix, which separates your tasks into four categories:

Do First – the most important and urgent tasks that must be completed today
Schedule – important tasks that are not urgent and can be tackled another day
Delegate – urgent tasks that are less important
Don’t Do – tasks that are neither important nor urgent

By categorising your daily tasks this way, you’ll know exactly what you should be working on and what you should not concern yourself with at all times.

3. They eliminate distractions

Clutter, noise and notifications from your smart devices also take your focus away from the things you need to do.

This is why top achievers make it a point to take them out of the equation. They not only keep their workstations clean and well-organised, they set aside a specific time each day to respond to emails, messages and phone calls, instead of attending to them as soon as they arrive.

Unnecessary smartphone notifications are also a no-no. It is so tempting to check Facebook and Instagram comments or read breaking news alerts but this cuts valuable minutes from every hour.

4. They use the power of leverage

Successful people get so much done because they don’t do everything themselves. They leverage the power of people and systems to create a much bigger impact than they’d be capable of by themselves.

They also understand that the more time they spend on tasks that don’t make money, the more money they lose in the form of opportunity cost.

For example, instead of sitting in traffic and losing work time, many corporate professionals rely on a hire car service. With a WiFi-connected vehicle and a personal driver, they can get work done in comfort on the way to the airport or their next meeting.

Take your productivity to a whole new level

Give the above hacks a shot. You’ll be surprised how much more meaningful work you can accomplish each day. The added benefit is you will have more time to spend doing the things you really enjoy.

Don’t know where to begin? Start with something simple like hiring a chauffeur-driven car service for your next cross-city trip. With the extra time it gives you to get work done, you may find the service more-than pays for itself!

All you have to do is book your next journey with Revel Drive, and we’ll handle the rest.

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