Got a chauffeur? 5 Adventures to have now

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” admin_preview_bg=”] Life is so much simpler when you’re not behind the wheel. Imagine being able to go wherever you want without considering park spaces, without having to stay legally sober, and without having to concentrate on the road. When you have the freedom to go wherever you want without restrictions, a whole new set of adventures open before you. Here are 5 adventures you probably didn’t know you can have when you’re bing driven by a chauffeur;

Got a chauffeur? Go wine tasting

We all know you’re supposed to swish the wine around your mouth and politely spit it out – but – sometimes it’s far more enjoyable to get a little tipsy instead. Plan your wine tasting trip to include a chauffeur – it’s far more comfortable and a little more sophisticated. After your third stop, the air-conditioning, leather seats, and refreshments will be your saving grace.

See your favourite performers

Going to a concert? Seeing your favourite band? Take your friends with you and split the cost of a chauffeured vehicle. You’ll be able to play your favourite songs and get into the spirit for the show before you arrive, and share that time with your friends without worrying about parking. Plus, you can have a few drinks and know you’ll arrive home safely.

Watch your favourite sports team live in action

Watching the big game? A chauffeured vehicle makes the commute as enjoyable as the event. It’s like arriving in your private box seats, before the event. When you’re done, there’s no fighting for a gap on the road as everyone leaves at the same time – you can simply enjoy a glass of something cold and put your feet up.

Go club-hopping in Melbourne (or anywhere)

We all know Fitzroy in Melbourne is where the parties are hopping. Don’t limit yourself to one club – see them all! Girls with heels will appreciate a classy ride between venues with easy access in and out of the clubs. Your chauffeur will ensure you’re on time, safe, and comfortable while you party your heart out.

Roadtripping with your besties

Roadtripping is the fastest and easiest way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Go and see something big and exciting on the opposite end of the country. Instead of driving and risking car troubles or taking turns behind the wheel, spread out comfortably at the back of a chauffeured vehicle. Stop when you want to stop, play card games, connect with your loved ones via the vehicle’s Wifi, and enjoy your favourite beverages – even alcoholic ones.

Family vacation

Planning a family vacation? Instead of packing your car to the brim and planning your routes, hire a chauffeur. It’s far more cost-effective than most people think. The stress it reduces? Enormous. The children can amuse themselves and the adults have far more freedom to see meals, relax, and connect with each other.

Finding the perfect chauffeur

Chauffeurs are trained to be all-around assistants. Their primary job is to drive but they also assist in other aspects where needed. Chauffeurs are also there to ensure their passengers are comfortable and safe. This might mean escorting someone to their door or waiting for their passenger’s friends to arrive if there’s another lift to the next destination. The perfect chauffeur is highly trained, respectful and considerate in order to make your next adventure immeasurably more enjoyable than driving yourself.

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