How professionals and CEOs can escape the stress of road travel during COVID-19

During the height of COVID-19, Australia’s roads were almost empty. With few people travelling to and from work, children staying home from school and business-related travel postponed, there wasn’t much reason to get in the car. 

Now things are returning to normal, the car is one of the safest places to be. In a u-turn after years of pressure to take public transport, the Government is now urging those who can avoid using a bus or train to do so. This means more people than ever are travelling via a private vehicle to business hubs like the Sydney CBD. 

For time-poor professionals and CEOs, the extra traffic has caused a huge headache. To say there is insufficient parking in the CBD is an understatement. Many are being forced to park on the outskirts of town then wait for a shuttle bus to take them to work. 

The situation will be similar when people return to the airport. Driving and parking will be preferable to the train but there are associated costs with parking overnight. There’s also the stress of finding a spot. 

Sydney hire car service Revel Drive has an easy, comfortable and safe solution to these problems.

Luxury private transport for professionals

Imagine actually enjoying your commute to work, even if it is taking slightly longer than usual. 

With Revel Drive, you can have a chauffeur-driven vehicle show up at your door to take you directly to your workplace. 

Our fleet of luxury Tesla vehicles provides USB ports, water and complimentary WiFi so you can get work done as you travel. You can make phone calls, attend Zoom meetings and catch up on emails in comfort. 

With a hire car service, the issue of parking is eliminated. Your driver will only have to stop for a couple of minutes outside your office or meeting location. 

COVID-safe transport

The benefit of travelling in a private vehicle to work is better hygiene. When you use this type of service, you won’t be anywhere near strangers who could be unknowingly carrying COVID-19 and you won’t feel as worried about accidentally touching unsanitary surfaces. 

Revel Drive is now taking every possible step to ensure our hire car vehicles are clean and COVID-safe. This includes: 

  • Professional sanitisation of our vehicles in addition to our usual high standard of cleanliness,
  • Provision of hand sanitiser to our passengers available in all vehicles,
  • Ensuring our drivers do not show up to work if they are feeling unwell

After a brief hiatus, we are now back up and running, offering the same standard of service we are known for and with safety as our number one priority. 

Tesla hire car Sydney

The way everybody travels will change post-COVID. Unfortunately, one trade-off is more cars on the road in the short term. This will be a backwards step when it comes to air quality. 

To reduce your environmental footprint, choose a zero-emissions Tesla hire car. Revel Drive’s chauffeur-driven vehicles are modern, comfortable, incredibly quiet and good for the planet. We offer a range of models so you can travel alone or in family groups. 

Corporate transport accounts

If you or the professional you organise travel for are on the road regularly, it makes sense to have a corporate account with a reliable provider. 

Revel Drive offers professional travellers corporate accounts. We send monthly, itemised bills for improved flexibility.

When you have a regular provider, you can look forward to the same standard of service each time you travel. In the unstable times we have been experiencing lately, having a provider you can rely on will make a big difference to the outcome of your day. 

Recent feedback from our clients shared that, “The driver was brilliant, professional and really knew his stuff about the top of the range Tesla ‘Model S’ he was driving. The car was immaculate, a real first-class experience. We will be using the Revel Drive service again.”

If you’re looking for an efficient, easy and environmentally friendly COVID-safe travel solution, contact Revel Drive today. 

Visit to find out more. 


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