What does it take to be an excellent chauffeur?

The difference between a chauffeur, an uber, and a cab driver? Let’s start with an Uber – they’re casual, and not as cheap as people like to think. 

You’re likely to be affected by surge prices (which are tied to special holidays and peak seasons). You will also rarely see the driver assisting you with anything outside of operating the vehicle. A cab driver is unconfirmed, but you’re billed for the time or mileage. 

A chauffeur, on the other hand, is a service with an upfront cost, often far more affordable than most people assume. It comes with a well-dressed driver who will assist you with luggage and opening and closing doors. What is it like to be a chauffeur? Sometimes, it’s exciting. Sometimes, it requires many different hats and many different skills in a day. 

A day in the life of a chauffeur 


  • Professionalism – A chauffeur is a service provider. They take pride in transporting people with a sense of class and sophistication. Chauffeurs will greet, assist clients where necessary, and ensure the vehicle is operated safely, timeously, and with great consideration for the passengers. 
  • Discreetness – The identity of the passengers may secretly thrill a chauffeur, as they often get to transport some really famous people. However, a chauffeur will always remain professional and polite. A chauffeur also has to master the ability to swallow that excitement and keep it confidential. This isn’t always necessary, but oftentimes, passengers will want complete confidentiality – and this is 100% respected. 
  • The ability to adapt (fast) – Thought a chauffeur was just a driver? Think again. A chauffeur may wear many different hats in a day. Rolling out the red carpet isn’t unheard of, or serving beverages at functions. A chauffeur may also be the last-minute seamstress at a wedding or lend a caring ear to a heartbroken passenger. A chauffeur has to wake up each day and prepare to be as adaptable as the day requires. 
  • Consideration – There’s no race track driving allowed here. A chauffeur has to don that consideration like it’s a uniform – taking into account that passengers and their comfort always come first. In fact, many companies will put their drivers through specialised training to ensure they are sensitive to the comforts and needs of passengers. Of course, if you’re racing to the airport before the girl flies away forever, a chauffeur is probably going to implement some of that adaptability to get there you on time! 
  • Navigation skills – A navigation system like Google Maps isn’t good enough. A chauffeur knows his area well in case he needs to take a detour. There’s no time to look for the next best route online before you plot your way forward. Good navigation skills enable a chauffeur to make a fast decision and use the safest and fastest backroads where needed. 

A commute should always be comfortable. A chauffeur service should offer you Wifi, access to music (like Spotify), refreshments, and all the usual – airconditioning, excellent service and absolute comfort.

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